You have been asking for these, we have now sourced these products on a closed-loop recycling basis! This means that there is zero waste from the manufacturer to your shelf. Safety Data sheets can be found below

DIY Daily Shower Spray

We have been asked for a post-shower spray several times.  In our house we actually make our own using a recipe that we found a few years ago.  See the link below.

To help you make your own, The Hampshire Refillery sell cleaning vinegar and washing up liquid.  We have the essential oils on order.

For rubbing alcohol, just use surgical spirit or a hand sanitiser.  We have asked our suppliers to provide this for us on a closed loop basis – they will do when we know whats happening with Brexit.  (Alcohol-based products have to be registered, we aren’t sure what rules we are working to!).

We make up a large bottle and decant into our spray bottle, this is quick, the solution is effective and makes the fortnightly clean far easier!  Let us know how you get on

DIY Daily Shower Cleaner